Nashville Zoo Welcomes 'Tot' the Red River Hog Piglet

The Nashville Zoo celebrated the arrival of an adorable red river hog piglet, named Tot, born to first-time mom Tater on Friday, June 14.

This footage was recorded on June 17 by zoo staff and shows the tiny Tot nestled amid stuffed toy animals, inquisitively sniffing at the recorder.

Tot was born just two months after the zoo’s first-ever litter of red river hogs.

While the piglet is growing and gaining strength every day, she got off to a shaky start, the zoo said in a press statement.

“She wasn’t nursing from her mother and became pretty lethargic,” zoo veterinarian Louden Wright said.

“We made the decision to move her up to the veterinary center ICU, where she was warmed and rehydrated. She responded well to the treatment and is now being bottle-fed by the animal care team.”

While red river hogs are not considered endangered, Nashville Zoo said it contributes to conservation efforts in the species’ native west and central Africa, and that Tot will one day “become an ambassador representing her species.” Credit: Nashville Zoo via Storyful

Video transcript

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