Natalie Dormer Defends Game Of Thrones Against Accusations Of Sexism

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She’s seduced a 12-year-old boy in Game Of Thrones and had a string of sex scenes in shows including The Scandalous Lady W.

But Natalie Dormer has spoken up against accusations the show that made her name is sexist and misogynistic.

She also defended Game Of Thrones’ unrelenting gore – as she feels it helps her process real-life ISIS violence and rapes.

The 34-year-old told this week’s Sunday Times newspaper: “All I know is that I turn on the news, and it’s covering a boy drowning off the coast, or children being shown beheading videos. The horror of human nature is prevalent in our world, and I appreciate that some people want to turn on the telly for escapism – but if that’s what you want, don’t watch Game of Thrones.

“I choose fantasy to vent, to process complex political, sexual and social politics at the safe distance of fiction. For me, that’s what art should be.”

Natalie, who has campaigned against female genital mutilation, added her power-crazed character, queen Margaery Tyrell, is a “competent woman” trying to survive in a cold world.

One of her most infamous tactics on the show was to woo child king Baratheon, aged 12 in the series, to secure influence.

Natalie in her Game Of Thrones guise

The last season of Game Of Thrones shed viewers who claimed they were outraged by its treatment of female characters.

Scenes in the fantasy drama have shown women raped in front of friends and burnt alive.

Images of fallen queen Cersei (played by Lena Headey) having her head shaved and forced into a naked walk of shame also sickened some fans.

One US senator recently tweeted that she was “done” with the show, which returns in nine weeks for its sixth series.

Lena Headey, whose naked walk of shame shocked Game Of Thrones viewers

Reading-born Natalie admitted in the Sunday Times: “There are some misogynistic characters in Game of Thrones.”

But the actress added the show’s rape scenes are useful as they “can start a conversation about the statistics of rape and how much it happens within the family”.

She added TV was “way ahead of film” when it comes to showcasing interesting female characters and said it was time for Hollywood to also feature Muslim and transgender roles.

Now watch Game Of Thrones’ star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau grilled by Jimmy Kimmel on its new plotlines:

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