Natalie Nunn is the first housemate evicted from 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Katie Archer
Natalie Nunn has been voted out (Channel 5)

She’s out! Natalie Nunn is the first person to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother summer 2018.

The US reality TV star had a staggering eight nominations from her fellow housemates as she went up against comedian and presenter Hardeep Singh Kohli, who had six nominations, in the first eviction.

Natalie, 33, has lived up to her Bad Girls Club reputation by causing no end of drama during her week in the house, including making Gabby Allen cry by telling her that she “fades into the background”, and reducing Chloe Ayling to tears, too, with a shouty rant about the model having sat on her chair whilst wearing wet clothes.

Viewers had been baying for Natalie’s eviction all week and were pleased to see her get her comeuppance for what many felt was bullying behaviour.

However, others felt the show would miss her.

Some viewers were confused at her seemingly quiet persona during her exit interview.

The other housemates sounded stunned that Natalie had been picked by viewers to leave the house over Hardeep, and earlier in the episode Ryan Thomas was shown telling Natalie that he thought it was impossible that she would be chosen to go.

Hardeep had also told Big Brother in the diary room that he fully expected to be leaving.

Talking to presenter Emma Willis in her post-eviction interview, Natalie said: “There’s definitely people in the house I’m going to miss and there’s definitely people I don’t care if I never see again.”

Natalie was shocked to hear she was leaving (Channel 5)

She added of Hardeep: “He’s pretty annoying, I think he did as good a job of annoying the house as me but in a different way.”

Natalie, wearing a sequinned gown and crown-shaped tiara for her exit, said of her eight nominations: “I guess it was bad timing, I literally went off right before we nominated.

“Gabby is a really sweet girl, but she kicks off as well. I felt she was definitely snapping back at me.”

Earlier in tonight’s episode, we saw Rodrigo Alves discover the house’s new talking washing machine, which set him a task to find out some gossip from a housemate in return for ice cream and champagne.

Rodrigo tells the washing machine the house gossip (Channel 5)

But Rodrigo got more than he bargained for when he started a chat with Chloe, who revealed that married Jermaine Pennant had been passing her secret notes telling her that he liked her.

The notes are also against house rules, and host Emma Willis confirmed that the pair would be punished for the incident.

“Human Ken doll” Rodrigo also warned Roxanne Pallett that her blossoming friendship with Ben Jardine was not worth the upset it could potentially cause with her fiancé.

Ben had trouble explaining his relationship history (Channel 5)

Later, Ben attempted to explain his complicated love life to Kirstie Alley, admitting that the woman pregnant with his child had no idea he was married until she saw him on Channel 4 reality show Married at First Sight, which had filmed before they met.

Former Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas is currently the favourite to win, whilst Married at First Sight’s Ben Jardine and ex-Towie star Dan Osborne were the only housemates not to have received any nominations.

Celebrity Big Brother continues every evening on Channel 5.

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