Natalie Portman’s cropped top is so short it’s basically a bra

Natalie Portman is known for many things, including but not limited to: Black Swan; her likeliness to Kiera Knightly (no, I still can't tell the two apart); *that* pink bob moment circa 2004 and more – I could go on but I think we'd be here all night. Having said that, one thing that doesn't come as second nature to the star is naked fashion. Though, that is until now...

Sheer dresses, silhouette illusions, the mesh trend, cropped tops etc. etc. have all dominated the runway this szn and proving that she's as versatile as ever, the actor has jumped onto the latter of the four with her most recent look.

Enter: Ms Portman giving Kim Kardashian a run for her money with – what we're claiming to be – the shortest crop top we've ever seen.

As shown in the above Instagram post shared by Natalie's makeup artist, Kayleen McAdams, in the second slide the star is wearing a matching two-piece set made up of a rattan-like cropped top with midriff tie details and a high-waisted midi skirt. This shoot comes to us via the cover of Hollywood Reporter.

Now, while the top is still very much a top, it's short style has us wanting to call it a bra. A hybrid of the two, if you will.

To accessorise the 'fit, Natalie's fashion stylist, Ryan Hastings has opted to add a chunky, aztec-esque necklace, topped off with coordinating black strappy heels. We love.

Just when we thought we had all the fashion gallies on our radar, Natalie proves us very wrong! We cannot wait to see what she does next – both fashion and film-wise, ofc.

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