Natasha Bedingfield: I’m actually quite pessimistic

Singer Natasha Bedingfield, known for her joyously upbeat singles, has revealed “I’m actually quite pessimistic”.

The pop star, whose hits include The Hills theme Unwritten and These Words, has topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic thanks to her unapologetically cheerful music.

Her latest single is Together In This, which will feature in animated film Jungle Beat: The Movie.

While it is another feel-good track, Bedingfield revealed her inspiration comes from feeling blue.

She told the PA news agency: “Funny enough, personality-wise, I’m actually quite pessimistic. Like, I actually do go on that sad side and I spend a lot of time being introspective.

“I’m quite frustrating for those around me because I’m always thinking of the holes in the plan. And for some reason music has been that thing that lifts me out of that.

“And that’s why all my songs are happy because it comes from a place of real pain or thoughtfulness.”

Bedingfield added: “I just love if music makes people feel happy, I love how music can make you feel. It’s like cooking. You really can’t beat when something smells great, tastes great and music is like that, too.

“When you tell the chef that you love their food, that’s what it’s like when someone loves your song.”

Bedingfield, 38, returned with her first album in nine years last year, releasing Roll With Me in August.

Following the release of Together In This and its socially distanced music video on Friday, the singer expects to be able to share more new material soon.

She said: “I just love that about the music industry right now. The rules have all gone out the window, and you could just put a song up on Spotify and actually there’s way more music.

“I just love it and I feel inspired and I’m pretty sure from all this downtime, I’m going to come up with a great body of work. I’m sure I’m never going to stop writing. I just love it too much.”

Together In This is out now.