Natasha Hamilton admits breakups caused 'sickest and darkest feelings' she's ever felt

Natasha Hamilton has overcome the 'darkness' after her breakups credit:Bang Showbiz
Natasha Hamilton has overcome the 'darkness' after her breakups credit:Bang Showbiz

Natasha Hamilton says her breakups caused the "sickest" and "darkest" feelings she's ever felt.

The 41-year-old singer - who has Josh, 20, with ex Fran Cosgrave, Harry, 18, with Gavin Hatcher, Alfie, 12, with ex-husband Riad Erraji, Ella, eight, with Ritchie Neville, and nine-month-old Kitty with husband Charles Gay - has reflected on her new single 'Edge of Us', and how she felt after her past splits.

She told the 'My Dirty Laundry' podcast: "When you're going through a breakup, from my experience, It's probably the weakest and the lowest you actually feel.

"You get that like sicky knot feeling in your tummy where you know you're going to have to walk away but you have a lot to lose.

"You might have a home, you might have a child, you might have a marriage. You feel like you're gonna lose everything.

"It's the sickest, most darkest feeling that I've ever felt in my life, walking away, especially from like a divorce, or the breakdown of a marriage especially."

However, making it through that darkness has been "really empowering" as she has learned to take care of herself.

Now, she insisted that "despite the traumas" she has dealt with, she is glad to be making her "blended family" work for her five children.

She explained: "We're a blended family and sometimes I feel like people can't fathom how you can make something work that from the outside looking in, that looks different or chaotic.

"They just they can't comprehend what they don't know, but I'm sat here with five incredible children and my life has continued and flourished and got better, despite the traumas that I've been through in my personal life.

"Did I ever want any of that? Of course I didn't! God, you must be mad! Like, to ever wish any of that upon you - but I can't live in the past.

"I'm never going say I wish that didn't happen. I'm not going to wish my life away. Everything has made me the woman who I am today."

And the Atomic Kitten's past experiences mean she doesn't "judge" people for what they're going through, and instead focuses on "how they treat" others.

She added: "I'm probably more accepting than most people are because I have been through a lot. I do not judge someone because of their circumstance. Absolutely not.

"I judge people how they treat me. You know, how you show respect to people, like they're the important things."