Natasha Hamilton Admits Her Son Was Attacked After Cruel ‘4x4′ Jibes

Natasha Hamilton broke down in tears on live TV this morning describing how her teenage son was attacked over cruel ‘4x4 mum’ comments.

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The former Atomic Kitten star revealed on This Morning how she is often targeted by trolls for having four different dads.

“Cruel comments are tough for me to read but as an adult, I know I just have to put my armour on and get on with it,” she explained. “But now, the effects are starting to trickle down to my kids.

The Big Reunion star then shockingly explained how her 13 year old son was physically attacked by bullies.

“My son Josh, who is 13, was on held down on a school bus and shouted at by bullies telling him he has a '4x4 mum’. He was so upset afterwards.

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"It’s heartbreaking picking up the pieces when the kids come home after hearing comments aimed at me.”

She added: “Obviously, everyone is entitled to their opinions but please can be people be mindful of derogatory comments like that. They’re not nice or funny and it’s not just affecting me, it’s affecting my children.”

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However, Natasha admits that the experience has taught her children to be kinder to others.

"Being brought up with a mum in the limelight, my kids have learnt that the world can be a cruel place. As a result, they’ve also learnt not to judge or tease others because they know what it’s like to be on the receiving end.”