Nate's career hangs in the balance after Billie's death

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Tori tells her family that he's considering moving to the city with Riley. Justin and Mason are perplexed, while Raffy is upset. Soon afterwards at Salt, Tori relays her family's reaction to Riley. He suggests giving it time, but then Justin walks in and has a go at Riley about how he treated Tori last time around. Tori asks Justin to trust her judgement, but he thinks she's being played.

Later, Tori finds Raffy on the beach and reassures her that nothing is decided yet, but even if she does move to the city, she will always be Raffy's sister. Tori realises how much she might be leaving behind.

Having seen their interaction, Nate tells Tori that she needs to put herself first, especially if it's her shot at happiness. Riley jealously watches Tori and Nate embrace. In the end, Tori tells Riley that she's decided not to move to the city at this time. Riley is disappointed but accepts her decision.

Later in the Diner, Nate receives a call from the hospital, revealing he's been called in for a meeting with management. Dr Chung tells Nate that evidence suggests he may have been medically negligent in the death of Billie. Riley watches on as Nate receives the news...

Photo credit: Channel 5

Meanwhile, Mason asks Olivia to go on a road trip with him, but notices that she seems to become distracted whenever Hunter comes anywhere near her.

Elsewhere, to Alf's delight, Irene seems to be bonding with her grandchild.

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