National Pothole Day: Here's five people who expertly dealt with holes in the UK's roads

Nick Reilly
It’s National Pothole day…

It’s officially National Pothole Day, and it seems that the recent blast of freezing weather will lead to a further spike in potholes on UK roads.

According to initial figures, pothole related breakdowns have already doubled after last week’s widespread snow and ice, according to the RAC.

Roads across the UK have already been plagued by potholes after the Beast from the East caused freezing water in road cracks to break up surfaces.

Commenting on the rise of potholes, the RAC’s Simon Williams said: ‘While the snow caused serious short-term travel disruption, motorists will sadly be suffering its consequences for months and possibly years to come.

‘Our roads were already in a poor state of repair before the extreme cold weather hit.’

But it also seems that potholes can provide the perfect chance for the UK to show off some very British humour, taking matters into their own hands in the best way possible.

We salute them, here’s to the people across the land who have taken to filling in potholes with the unlikeliest of objects.

  1. Ducking the issue…
Ducking the issue. Literally (SWNS)

Last year, residents in the Oxfordshire village of Steeple Aston quite literally accused the council of ‘ducking the issue’ after they failed to sufficiently deal with the issue of potholes. They responded by filling the town’s potholes with an army of rubber ducks.

2. Say it with flowers… 

Say it with flowers… (SWNS)

Here’s gardener Jason Dorley-Brown. He became fed up of potholes in Bath, Somerset, last May and responded brilliantly by using his green fingers to fill in the potholes with an impressive array of flowers.

Jason Dorley-Brown at work and watering in a fresh set of flowers in a pothole on Lansdown Road (SWNS)
Here’s how a pothole forms.. (PA)

3) Artists against potholes

Washing Laundry in a Pothole in New York… (SWNS)

Artist Claudia Ficca seized the perfect artistic opportunity when she noticed potholes near her home in New York, turning the scene into a piece of living art – washing her clothes in the middle of the busy street.

Not content with washing clothes, Claudia and partner David Luciano then turned their attention to dog washing..

Artists David Luciano and Claudia Ficca turn potholes into works of art on the streets of Montreal, Canada – 2009 (SWNS)

4) The battle of Cock Lane…

Cock Lane in Surrey (SWNS)

After becoming fed up with a lack of action from the local council, the residents of Cock Lane in Surrey took it upon themselves to respond, highlighting the potholes with a shape that might just owe a debt to the exotically named street..

5) Cereal offender..

The unlikeliest of road fillings.. (Facebook)

Last month, locals in Ayrshire, Scotland hit the headliners after filling in potholes in the most unlikely of items – cereal. Once again, they were fed up at a perceived lack of action from the government and responded in brilliant fashion – filling the hole with milk and coco pops.

We salute you all.