Nationwide members livid as as millions miss £100 bonus over strict rules

Millions of Nationwide customers are missing out on a £100 bonus because of the rules the building society sets. Nationwide customers have been fuming that, despite their loyalty, they miss out.

Its “Fairer Share” scheme pays eligible members a share of its profits with payments worth £100 being made over the coming few weeks. However, only 3.85million - just 24% - will receive a bonus because of the eligibility criteria.

Specifically, you have to have your money in a current account or have either a qualifying savings or mortgage with Nationwide on March 31. David Powell, who has been with Nationwide for over 20 years, was angered to be missing out - however others have told BirminghamLive the rules were clear enough from the offset.

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Mr Powell said: "I’ve been with Nationwide for over 20 years. I work a minimum wage job most of my savings went during lockdown the rest has gone due to cost of living so I live hand to mouth.

"I work hard and get no reward yet someone with thousands their accounts either retired or sit behind a desk get these rewards yet hard working class people like me get nothing."

Another Nationwide customer, Dave Mcleod, was disappointed to miss out. On BirminghamLive's Facebook page, he said: "Been a nationwide customer 20-plus years [I] have all my payments made into my main account every month - over £3k a month - but because I’ve not paid anything into my savings account during match means I won’t receive anything again."

The £100 payments will be sent out automatically between June 13 and June 28. Nationwide previously set out the rules and the latest announcement does not veer from that.

Nationwide customer Elaine Binder argued that the rules set out were clear enough. She said: "The conditions for receiving it this year are easier than last year, so thousands more people (including me) will get it."

Maxine Wylie agreed, saying: "If they were disappointed last year they should’ve opened a savings account with £100 to qualify this time."