The natural saltwater pool perfect for a heatwave less than two hours from Cambridge

Woodup Pool in Essex - visitors enjoying its very own little beach
-Credit: (Image: Essex Live)

There are plenty of pools across Cambridge to enjoy this summer from Jesus Green to Lammas Land, but none of them truly replicate wild swimming. If you want to experience swimming a little differently this summer, a fresh saltwater pool is only a short drive away, reports EssexLive.

Some of the perks of a saltwater pool is that it is chlorine-free and is filled solely by the tide, making it completely natural and self-cleaning. Looking more like a large pond, Woodup (also sometimes called Woodrolfe) Pool in Maldon, Essex is one of the most natural pools in the area.

Roughly a one hour and 40-minute drive from Cambridge, Woodup Pool is a very basic salt water bathing pool that even has its own little beach at one end where kids can enjoy building sandcastles. Completely free to use between May and September, it can be found next to Woodrolfe Park flats and Woodrolfe Creek.

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According to Tollesbury Parish Council, the pool is filled solely by the Spring tide and controlled by a sluice gate, and flushed out and replenished approximately every two weeks. Described as a "back to basics natural pool", coming here is a great way to enjoy open air swimming without the worry of cleanliness when swimming in a river.

Once there, you can enjoy the water how ever you would like to, including bringing your own inflatables and paddleboards. However, on certain days the pool is used for kayaking where most of the pool is sectioned off. You can visit the website to see which dates this will happen here.

There are certain lakes in Cambridgeshire where you can enjoy watersports too, but none are as unique as this Essex saltwater pool.

The pool is equipped with a toilet, BBQ area and there are also picnic tables set out to really bring together the experience of a sunny day out at Woodup. Parking to the pool is available at Woodrolfe Green which is a short walk away.

Please be aware that the pool has no lifeguard, so kids need to be attended to as well as weaker swimmers.