Naughty cat caught ‘breaking into the baby’s room’ to play with the mobile

This kitten went on a covert mission to break into the baby’s room and have a field day.

A Reddit user posted the footage caught on a baby monitor in the “Aww” forum. The post, titled “This cat is always breaking into the baby’s room,” received over 100,000 upvotes. It turned out most people were on the cat’s side.

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The baby monitor captured the kitty in the crib with the sleeping baby behind it. The cat pawed at the mobile with stuffed animals hanging from above as if it were the cat’s own toy.

Eventually, the commotion woke the infant up. It was a good thing mom and dad were watching to make sure everyone was safe.

Redditors thought the hilarious situation made perfect sense.

Tinashe is calling the shots:

“I don’t understand why they’d put what is obviously a cat toy above the baby’s bed?” a person wrote.

“Honestly can’t blame the cat. Soft bed? Dangly toys in reach to play with? This is kitty heaven!” another commented.

“You mean sometimes the baby uses the cats room against the cats wishes,” someone added.

“Get the cat his own little crib with its own heated pad and mobile,” a user suggested.

“God bless this fine feline for safety testing the baby’s mobile! Where do I hire one to test out mobiles in my area? If it goes well, I think we might have something here,” a Redditor joked.

Jordyn Woods says her Instagram isn’t real life:

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