Naughty cat knocks down cabinet while searching for treats

This is the moment a naughty cat knocked down a cabinet while searching for treats in Malaysia. The pet feline named Bela climbed up the drawer and was rummaging inside when she lost balance in Kuala Lumpur on September 8. Bela almost fell but the silly moggie caught a grip until the cabinet fell of balance and collapsed. Footage shows Bela ransacking the drawer until the cabinet tipped off. She fell with the other drawers on the bedroom floor. Pet owner Lina Azlieyn said: ‘My cat is like a monkey. Always climbing and jumping on top of cabinets and table. This time I hope she had learned her lesson well.' The cat was not hurt but Lina had to ask a relative to help her fix back the drawers to the cabinet. She said: ‘It was a bit difficult to assemble the drawers back because I did not have tools. My silly cat didn't even help me.'