On the Naughty List: 'Pooch Pirate' Snags Christmas Gift From Oklahoma Porch

A mischievous pooch pulled off a Christmas heist when he snagged a present from a home in Shady Point, Oklahoma, on December 13.

Debbie Goines told local media she couldn’t figure out where her missing package — a Christmas present from her sister in California — had gone.

“I thought possibly the wind had taken it off,” Goines told 40/29 News.

However, Max the Great Pyrenees wasn’t stealthy enough. The “pooch pirate” was caught in the act by Goines’s doorbell camera. Footage filmed on December 13 at 4 am shows Max looking around the porch and sauntering off with a package in his mouth.

Goines said the package contained a box of jerky and other food items. After Max got to it, all that remained was an empty box and a broken bottle of olive oil.

“I just assumed that Max ate what he wanted and buried the rest because it was full of stuff. And I guess he just smelled the jerky and thought ‘This has been delivered to the wrong house,’” Goines said to local media.

Goines said there were no hard feelings toward the dog, and she declined the neighbor’s offer to pay her back for the swiped present. Credit: Debbie Goines via Storyful