Naughty old man scares Chinese motorist by pretending to be about to scam her

A mischievous old man scared a motorist in northern China by pretending to be about to scam her. Dashcam video captured in the city of Tianjin on November 10 shows the view as a car turns slowly into a side road. As the car comes to a stop, an old man suddenly tilts his head to one side and walks sideways towards the vehicle, as though he is about to pretend he has been hit by it. That trick -- in which the driver might pay off a pretend-victim -- is a not uncommon scam in China. Then, just before reaching the car, the man suddenly stops and smiles at the motorist, before walking away. The motorist, Ms Shen, said she was scared by the cheeky chap. The video was provided by local media with permission.

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