NBA social media appropriately stunned by DeMarcus Cousins' deal with Warriors

Two years ago, Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors, stunning the NBA and prompting cries of an imbalanced, unfair league.

Now four-time All-Star DeMarcus Cousins has joined the same All-Star laden core that Durant has since won two championships with, and NBA social media is on fire.

As per usual, Joel Embiid is leading the charge.

Cousins’ new teammates are having fun with an incident last season that led to him being restrained from the Golden State locker room after he and Durant were ejected.

They’re also thrilled to have him.

Much of the rest of the league just appears defeated.

And then there’s Enes Kanter, who fearlessly called out the commish with the help of some photo editing.

Cousins, meanwhile, let Showtime do the social media posting for him, capturing the moment he announced himself as a Warrior.

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While his new Warriors teammates are understandably excited about the arrival of Demarcus Cousins, other NBA players appear less than thrilled on social media. (AP)