NCIS: Hawai'i boss responds to franchise-first moment in the premiere episode

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Photo credit: CBS
Photo credit: CBS

NCIS: Hawai'i, the latest spin-off in the ever-growing crime drama franchise, premiered in the US yesterday (September 20), introducing Vanessa Lachey's Special Agent Jane Tennant and her Pearl Harbor-based team as they explored a Naval aircraft crash in Oahu.

On said team, is Lucy Tara (Yasmine Al-Bustami), who got into a bit of a scrap with CIA Agent Kate Whistler after the latter refused to help their investigation and hand over reports regarding the dead pilot.

Desperate for the deets, Lucy snuck a peek at the files, anyway, and the gang looked into what they found.

Photo credit: CBS
Photo credit: CBS

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After Whistler found out, Lucy went over to her place to apologise – but when they kissed, it became clear that the pair regarded each other as more than just colleagues, marking the first time an LGBTQ Special Agent has been included in one of the series' first seasons.

Touching on their smooch, and what it might mean going forward, executive producer Jan Nash recently claimed that the writers didn't set out to break ground with Lucy and Whistler, it just felt right as they continued to diversify the "palette" of the show. (NCIS: New Orleans didn't welcome Tammy Gregorio until season 3.)

"We meant that in every way," she told TV Line. "And having these two characters was part of that.

Photo credit: CBS
Photo credit: CBS

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"We want these characters to feel like they have full lives — they have families, they have interests, they struggle with things — and certainly relationships are a part of that," Nash continued.

"But on a procedural show, when you have a case going on it's difficult to be like, 'But I have a date tonight!' So having Whistler in our world, in an NCIS-adjacent role, seemed like a way we could add relational qualities to our show that wouldn't impede our procedural storytelling."

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