Ndamukong Suh's Apology and Probable Suspension: A Fan's Commentary

The stomp heard 'round the world on Thanksgiving continues to be a hot topic over the long holiday weekend. Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was ejected from the Thanksgiving game against the Green Bay Packers for stomping on the arm of Packers' Evan Dietrich-Smith. Dietrich-Smith had angered Suh when pulling him down during a tackle. Suh was already going to receive a personal foul penalty for repeatedly pushing his head down into the ground before he stomped on his arm.

Speculation has abounded all weekend as fans and players alike wait for the order to come down from the NFL as to how to handle the situation. FOX analyst Mike Pereira immediately said on Friday, November 25 th that he suspected Suh would get suspended. His only question was for how many games. According to the official Detroit Lions blog on Sunday, November 27 th , ESPN's Adam Scheffer is reporting that Ndamukong Suh is expected to get a two-game suspension from the NFL. Football fans commented on my last article that they would like to see more. Suh's former Nebraska Cornhuskers teammate, New York Jets guard Matt Slauson, also thinks that fines are not enough. Lions blogger for the Detroit News, Chris McCosky, reports there will also be a $25,000 fee and a required anger management course. As for what the Lions will do on their own, they have to wait to hear from the league office. The team is not allowed to fine Suh if the league hands down disciplinary action.

The backlash could spread even further. Suh has endorsement and sponsorship deals with many high-profile companies, including Subway, Chrysler, Nike, Omaha Steaks and more. Subway, Chrysler and the NFL's Play 60 campaign all have recently released new commercials using Suh. With his ever-growing reputation as a dirty and dangerous player, will these companies really want to be associated with him? Or could his controversial nature actually boost their sales? As of Friday, November 25 th , companies such as Subway and Chrysler refused to comment on the situation. They are probably waiting to see what officially happens.

Ndamukong Suh also caught a lot of criticism for his post-game comments. He claimed he didn't do anything wrong and was merely trying to regain his balance. Either someone over in PR got to him, or he finally realized how much he was potentially hurting himself with his comments. His last post on Twitter, as of Sunday, November 27 th , was on Friday, November 25 th . He referred fans to his Facebook page where he made an apology for his actions and comments. Suh supporters thanked him for apologizing, some even saying it made him more of a role model to fans for doing so.

Does Suh's apology make up for his actions during the Thanksgiving game? Is his looming suspension finally getting through to him? Aggressive play is going to happen in a heated game, but self-control is also essential.

Suh's ejection from the game on Thanksgiving definitely contributed to the Lions' large loss. His absence during the next few crucial games will also cause the Lions some difficulties. On the docket for the two possible suspensions are the Saints and the Vikings. May the offense triumph in those games.

Andrea Coventry is an NFL fan who follows many teams. Her loyalties lie with her hometown teams of the Detroit Lions and the Buffalo Bills.

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