Nearly 50% of Americans think fall flavors like pumpkin spice should be available all year

Why wait to devour a turkey on Thanksgiving? Many Americans believe their favorite fall dishes taste just as good outside the actual season. A survey of 2,000 general population Americans asked whether seasonal foods, beverages, or activities should be enjoyed during their corresponding season or year-round - and found a person's personality type could influence their timing preferences. Half (52%) identify as seasonal lovers, and 54% of those respondents said they have Type A personalities, meaning they're ambitious, impatient, and proactive. Two in three of them may also feel more FOMO than their peers. On the other hand, 48% believe seasonal favorites should be enjoyed year-round, and 57% of them identify with a Type B personality - which means they're more carefree, steady, non-confrontational, and relaxed. Commissioned by The Honey Baked Ham Company ® and conducted by OnePoll, the study revealed no matter your personality type, the overall favorite season is fall (32%), with 69% saying this time of year has the best seasonal flavors.

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