Nearly three-quarters of Americans feel overwhelmed when searching for the right therapist

The average American sees three therapists before finding their perfect match, according to a new study.

The survey of 2,000 adults examined their mental health journey and found most respondents believe it’s essential to find a therapist who can cater to their individual needs (64%).

However, a third worry about the difficulties of finding someone who understands them. Nearly three-quarters of those seeking mental health care said searching for the right therapist overwhelms them (72%).

And even when they find a good match, it can be hard to open up. Americans estimate that they’ll visit their therapist five times before opening up about their mental health.

For many, finding a good therapist means looking for someone who specializes in a field that relates to them (42%), is nearby/easy to access (42%) and has enough years of experience (41%).

Another 38% of respondents prioritize finding a therapist in their budget, and similarly, 37% look for options that are specifically covered under their insurance.

While half of Americans would scour online reviews for a therapist with the qualities they prefer (51%), 54% would rather consult with their primary care doctor for recommendations.

Conducted by OnePoll in partnership with Mindstrong for Mental Health Awareness Month, the survey also revealed that seven in 10 people said receiving mental health help would make them feel more at ease in life.

But 62% worry about being stigmatized for sharing their mental health status with others.

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