Nearly two in five Brits will celebrate the end of Ramadan today (Tues)

Nearly two in five Brits will celebrate the end of Ramadan today (Tues) - making it the most inclusive Eid ever.

While one in 20 Brits is Muslim, a new study reveals two in five (39%) of non-Muslim Brits will join Muslim friends, colleagues and neighbours in celebrating the special festival this year.

The number of non-Muslims marking the ceremony has risen by three per cent compared to last year, as Brits become more supportive and understanding of the annual Islamic event.

Joint celebrations include sharing food, giving gifts and putting up Eid decorations.

A record 16 per cent will take Eid gifts such as sweets and cakes to Muslim friends while 20 per cent will give special Eid cards.

The Eid festival marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, where Muslims fast during daylight hours to show their devotion to God.

The study from family experts Channel Mum also revealed a quarter (26%) of non-Muslim families with close Muslim friends fasted for a day during the special festival this year, in support of their Muslim friends and neighbours.

The UK’s top UK Muslim family influencer Nabiila Bee, who has a million followers on social media, said: “Hearing so many non-Muslims are supporting Ramadan warms my heart.

''Eid is the equivalent of Christmas in bringing Muslims together, so to see it uniting people from all communities bringing tolerance and understating is wonderful. It’s also a great excuse for a party!”

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