Nearly two-thirds of Americans use this tool to keep a strict budget

The key to a healthy budget may be as simple as carrying cash, according to new research. The survey polled 1,500 Americans to analyze their payment preferences and found 51% said using cash helps them budget their money, with Gen Z being the most likely to agree. In fact, Gen Z respondents were the most likely to prefer using cash over other payment methods at 52%. Using cash as a budgeting tool seems to be working well, as 61% said they keep a strict budget to know how much they spend - with boomers leading the pack at 65%. Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Cash Connect, the survey found 77% of respondents agreed there's nothing worse than finding out they need cash when they have empty pockets. The results showed Americans keep an average of $52 on their person and three-quarters of respondents keep an emergency cash stash - averaging around $89. One in five respondents even said their emergency stash is upward of $200.

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