Neighbouring families beat the heatwave with epic water fight across gardens

Kimberly Fowell says the fun began when neighbour June posed the question 'Shall we have a waterfight?' on Tuesday (12 July).

Little did they know that this water fight would be a reoccurring one - that has now been going on for three days.

The light-hearted video, taken on Wednesday (13 July) shows the two neighbours in their second water battle over their middle neighbour's empty garden.

In the right garden shows the Fowell family laughing and lobbing water balloons.

Kimberly and her husband, David, can be seen taking part with their family friend Pony, and children 10-year-old Beau-Lyn and three-year-old London.

Their third child, 12-year-old Upton, was tasked with filming the epic spectacle from above.

In the garden on the left shows neighbour June Yates, 34, and her 15-year-old son, Archie, playfully throwing water balloons back over the fence to their opposition.

Kimberly says the families had their third water fight on Thursday.

The mother-of-three from Dagnam, London, posted the humorous video in a family group on Facebook, and was "shocked" to receive thousands of reactions just hours later.

Kimberly wrote: "Do you ever just have a water balloon fight over the fences with your neighbour? If not, you should as it is quite fun."

Kimberly said: "It has been amazing how many comments there are - loads of people want to do it now!

"We're going to be doing this for a while we think - all we need is more balloons!"

Kimberly said the middle garden belongs to an adult support home.

Filmed on 12th July 2022

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