'Neighbours' announce Denise Van Outen is joining for a major storyline

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Denise Van Outen (Credit: AP)
Denise Van Outen (Credit: AP)

Neighbours has announced that Denise Van Outen will be joining the cast for a major storyline.

The TV personality and actress is currently filming scenes for the Australian soap in London, alongside show regulars Stefan Dennis and Rebekah Elmaloglou, who play Paul Robinson and Terese Willis.

Van Outen will play Pruce Wallace, the mother of newcomer Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan), and her scenes will be part of a major storyline, which is set to unfold later this year.

Also joining the show for a guest appearance is Good Morning Britain’s Richard Arnold.

Denis Van Out and Richard Arnold filming Neighbours in London (Channel 5)
Denise Van Out and Richard Arnold filming Neighbours in London (Channel 5)

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Expressing her excitement on joining the iconic Aussie soap, Van Outen said: “I am thrilled to be joining the cast of one the world's most iconic shows, Neighbours.

"To be asked is a privilege and I am very excited to get to work on a really fun storyline first in London and then heading over to Melbourne.

"I can't say too much just yet but my character Prue is heading to Ramsay Street to stir things up and I can't wait!"

Good Morning Britain’s Richard Arnold also makes his debut on the soap, playing Graham, a man who’s said to have a negative influence on Prue.

The pair are filming scenes in London and Australia (Channel 5)
The pair are filming scenes in London and Australia (Channel 5)

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On making his debut on the show, Arnold said: "I always knew my career would hit a 'dead end' eventually but I never dreamed it would do so in such spectacular fashion joining the cast of Neighbours, home to the most famous cul-de-sac in television. G'day Britain!"

Stefan Davis also shared a few words about working with Van Outen and Arnold, saying: "We love the Brits and being in this incredible city! Getting the chance to work with Denise and Richard is a real treat."

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