Neighbours' Hendrix fears he has cancer after lump discovery

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Neighbours spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Neighbours teen Hendrix Greyson fears for his health on UK screens next week, after a doctor finds a lump during a testicular cancer examination.

Hendrix (Benny Turland) reluctantly agrees to get himself checked out when a testicular cancer testing booth is set up in Erinsborough as part of the local film festival.

Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) has been busy promoting the concept, wanting to reach people who would usually be too embarrassed to visit their GP for a check-up.

Photo credit: Fremantle - Channel 5
Photo credit: Fremantle - Channel 5

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A number of the local residents agree to get themselves checked out, but Hendrix says that he won't be going – not believing himself to be at any risk of testicular cancer.

Karl is quick to correct Hendrix on this, pointing out that testicular cancer is most common in younger age groups.

Later, Hendrix visits the testing booth and assumes that everything will be fine.

However, the doctor explains that he found a lump and advises Hendrix to book a follow-up appointment with his regular GP.

Photo credit: Fremantle - Channel 5
Photo credit: Fremantle - Channel 5
Photo credit: Fremantle - Channel 5
Photo credit: Fremantle - Channel 5

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The doctor explains that the lump may just be a cyst or a blocked tube, but further tests will be required to determine this either way.

Hendrix struggles badly with the news, fearing that he could have testicular cancer.

In the days that follow, Hendrix doesn't seem to be in any hurry to book his follow-up appointment, not wanting to receive bad news.

As a struggling Hendrix becomes distracted around his loved ones, it's clear that he needs someone to confide in – but will he reach out for support?

Neighbours airs these scenes on Tuesday, October 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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