'Emmerdale' named the worst soap for divorces

Chris Edwards
Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan as Charlene and Scott Robinson (Credit: Neighbours/Grundy Television)

If happy endings are what you’re after in a soap, then look no further than the iconic Australian show Neighbours, which has been named the number one ongoing drama for successful marriages. ITV’s Emmerdale has been identified as the worst.

A recent study conducted by Tombola aimed to examine the luckiest and unluckiest soaps for love, and the Aussie series emerged as the victor with 63% of its marriages being successful – a true accomplishment in soap land.

Fans of the show will of course remember the iconic wedding scene between Kylie Minogue’s Charlene Robinson and Jason Donovan’s Scott Robinson, which wasn’t interrupted by anyone and absolutely no one died.

Their wedding episode was watched by nearly 20 million viewers (Credit: Neighbours/Grundy Television)

Meanwhile, Emmerdale has been named the soap with the most amount of divorces, with 68% of marriages failing on the show.

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A heavy-hearted 61% of couples have ended up in the divorce courts in the 46 years of the Yorkshire based soap. A divorce happens on average every 189 episodes, making it the divorce capital of soap world.

Unlucky in love? (Tombola)

For example, Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) has had three unsuccessful marriages dating back to 2001, first to Chris Tate, then Jai Sharma in 2012 and most recently Declan Darcey in 2014.

Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) in Emmerdale (ITV)

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The second least successful soap for love is Eastenders, which has seen 60% of its couples end up in the divorce courts, and another 7% end in five other forms of split.

Hollyoaks comes in at third, followed by Coronation Street, and then Home & Away, the figures reveal.

In Coronation Street, around13% of marriages end in other forms of split, with the most common reason being because one of the couple is already married.