Neighbours - what is newcomer JJ Varga-Murphy hiding?

Neighbours spoilers follow.

Neighbours' big comeback episode reintroduced us to some familiar faces, but a brand new family also secured their fair share of screen time.

Show bosses have brought in the Varga-Murphy clan, which consists of mums Cara and Remi and their teenage sons JJ and Dex.

In Monday's episode (September 18), it was eldest child JJ providing most of the intrigue as he seemed to have a suspiciously keen interest in Ramsay Street.

The Varga-Murphys initially moved into the Street on a temporary basis, renting out Jane Harris' home as she was planning to take a trip to London with her partner Mike Young.

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Shortly after Jane welcomed in Erinsborough's newest faces, JJ discreetly took the opportunity to start quizzing her about the Street and its residents.

JJ seemed particularly interested in the close-knit nature of the local community, where everybody seems to know everyone.

Word of JJ's inquisitive behaviour soon got back to Harold Bishop, who decided to step in by showing him the famous Ramsay Street history book.

This all appeared to be out-of-character behaviour for JJ, with Cara noting to Remi that his interest in the Street seemed strange.

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JJ was then seen looking thoughtfully towards the various houses outside – but what does it all mean? Spoilers for future episodes follow.

In a recent interview, the Varga-Murphy family confirmed that the clan's first big storyline would involve JJ searching for his biological father.

Sara West, who plays Cara, told Digital Spy and other press: "Cara and Remi had their children via IVF through American donors. As far as they know!

"JJ has found out some information. They've all come to Ramsay Street for a holiday, but JJ wants to know more about his biological dad. That leads the family to Ramsay Street, because JJ thinks he lives there.

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"But Cara and Remi don't know that! They don't know that any of this is happening, because JJ has done that on his own."

She continued: "JJ has just got a lot going on in the background, that the rest of the family are not entirely aware of at the beginning. There are scenes where it's like: 'Is it him? Is it him?' So we're still finding out the twists."

Naomi Rukavina, who plays Remi, added: "JJ is the boundary pusher. But he's inherently quite a good boy, so it's quite funny to see him be like 'the bad boy' when he's just so delightful!

"Whereas Dex is younger, so he wants everything to be super-harmonious."

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