Neighbours star Ryan Moloney calls for Melanie return in show revival

toadie rebecchi and melanie pearson in neighbours
Neighbours star calls for Melanie Pearson returnChannel 5

Neighbours star Ryan Moloney has expressed hope that Lucinda Cowden will make a return in the show's new season.

Ryan's character Toadie Rebecchi tied the knot with Melanie Pearson – played by Lucinda – in the soap's emotional finale episode last July.

Neighbours has recently announced a host of returning characters for the programme's revival, although Melanie wasn't included on the initial list.

However, Lucinda's inclusion in the Australian date of the show's Celebration Tour has left fans hopeful that she might also reprise her role as Mel.

toadie rebecchi and melanie pearson in neighbours
Channel 5

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Speaking to Digital Spy and other media at a recent press junket, Ryan admitted that he's not keen on losing another on-screen wife so soon after the sad death of Sonya Rebecchi.

He told us: "I definitely would like to see the return of Mel, as otherwise it'd be another death in the family!

"I'd also like Connor to come back."

Ryan also reflected on how he first heard the news that Neighbours would be coming back.

melanie pearson and toadie rebecchi in neighbours
Channel 5

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The actor received a personal visit at home from executive producer Jason Herbison last November, just days before the new season was announced.

Jason initially claimed that he was heading over to drop off a present, but Ryan – who lives in a remote property – was suspicious over this cover story from the start.

Ryan joked: "Jason told me he was in the area. No-one's ever in the area!

"We then shot the return promo on the Tuesday, for it to be edited on the Wednesday to be released on the Thursday.

toadie rebecchi and melanie pearson try to keep their romance secret in neighbours
Channel 5

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"At the time, I had actually just got a new agent in the UK. I had every intention of coming over and doing some more work.

"Now it's just like: 'Ah, how do I juggle everything now?' When Jason came over and said: 'Neighbours is back!', you have to say yes! But you've just got to make everything else work."

Neighbours returns in the second half of 2023 with new episodes streaming free on Amazon Freevee in the UK and US. Network 10 will retain first-run rights in Australia for the new series.

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