Neighbours star Stefan Dennis responds to Terese return

paul robinson and terese willis in neighbours
Neighbours star responds to Terese return newsChannel 5

Neighbours star Stefan Dennis has spoken about the news that Terese Willis will be returning for the show's new season.

Last month, the soap confirmed that Rebekah Elmaloglou has signed up to reprise her role as Terese for the upcoming revival.

The show's 2022 finale episode saw Stefan's character Paul Robinson reunite with Terese following their messy break-up. Paul was delighted when Terese agreed to take him back and accept his many faults.

paul robinson and terese willis in neighbours
Channel 5

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Asked by Digital Spy whether he's looking forward to more Paul and Terese drama, Stefan laughed: "I would love to say yes to that and I hope that's going to be the case! I absolutely adore working with Bek.

"I've been fortunate – all of Paul's ex-wives have been great to work with and they're all gorgeous women. But Bek is the pinnacle.

"Bek is very professional, and in my opinion an extremely good actress. She gives so much. If we're doing a two-hander scene together, she just gives me so much in her eyes and I like to hope I give the same to her.

"At the same time, she's so damn naughty! That makes her so fun to work with as well."

paul walks in on terese and julie talking
Channel 5

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In total, Neighbours has announced 11 returning cast members for the new season – eight regulars and three guest stars.

More news seems likely in the coming weeks, as filming will resume in April.

Asked who else he'd like to see back, Stefan revealed: "I'd love my daughter to come back – I'd love Elle to come back into the show.

"I've always been campaigning for her to come back. It's a bit hard because [Pippa Black] lives in America now."

Neighbours returns in the second half of 2023 with new episodes streaming free on Amazon Freevee in the UK and US. Network 10 will retain first-run rights in Australia for the new series.

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