‘I Was So Nervous,’ Josh Duhamel on His First Speaking Role With Elizabeth Banks

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment


Josh Duhamel got a blast from the past on Live With Kelly and Ryan when he was shown his first speaking role on the soap opera All My Children. The scene featured him and a young Elizabeth Banks in a flirty exchange at a restaurant.

Duhamel remembered, “I was so nervous for that scene right there because it was my first time ever speaking on a show.”

The nerves seemed to cement the scene in the mind of the Transformers star. He said that the lines for that scene are the only lines he remembers from his many roles. He added, “It took me everything I had to get those lines out, I was so nervous.”

Luckily, Duhamel was able to perform the scene and become the movie star we all know now.

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