Neshannock to extend tax abatement zone

Mar. 26—Neshannock Township is proposing an ordinance to extend its existing 10-year tax abatement program to two parcels of land on Wilmington Road at Clover Lane.

The ordinance is to be considered for adoption at the township supervisors public meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday would expand the Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance Opportunity area to include the former New Castle Battery property, which is eyed as the future home of Wilson Lumber Co.

Supervisor Leslie S. Bucci explained the township, when previously establishing the tax abatement zone nearby in that area in 2022, inadvertently left out those two parcels. The proposed ordinance would be to include those lots as part of the tax-abatement program.

The ordinance would grant a 10-year tax abatement to new construction and improvements only on the land, she said. The property owners would continue to pay taxes on the existing structures and land, which front on 3601 Clover Lane and 3601 Wilmington Road.

The 100-percent abatement for 10 years is on the two adjoining land parcels and would apply only to new construction that exceeds $25,000.

The property owners are Steve Warner and Steve Hoye. Wilson Lumber proposes to construct an addition to the existing building and sheds to house lumber and supplies.

The LERTA ordinance was adopted post-COVID-19 to attract new businesses to the township as others were closing, Bucci explained.

Wilson Lumber Co. is planning to move from its location on Route 208 in New Wilmington and relocate to a building at 3601 Clover Lane just outside of the industrial park zone of Neshannock Township.

The plans propose the demolition of an existing building and the construction of a 5,058-square-foot addition.

The Neshannock Township Zoning Hearing Board previously granted permission for the building use and the parking requirements and the township supervisors approved the land development plan.