Nest Camera Captures Moment Colorado DoorDash Driver's Car Rolls Away

Nest camera footage captured the moment a food delivery driver’s car rolled away after he forgot to put it in park while delivering food to a home in Fort Collins, Colorado, on July 24.

Brandon P Ensing’s security camera captured this footage, showing the delivery driver getting out of his vehicle and walking toward Ensing’s home while the car rolls away in the background. As the delivery driver hands off the food, he is informed of his runaway vehicle.

Ensing told Storyful he noticed the car rolling away when the driver rang his doorbell.

“When the doorbell goes off, it pulls the cameras up on my phone,” he said.

Ensing can be heard telling the driver his car is rolling away. According to Ensing, the driver managed to get to his car in time to avoid damage to the vehicle. Credit: Brandon P Ensing via Storyful

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