Netanyahu at UN shows defiance at Jerusalem exhibit

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    vitually no critique from mass media for his vitriolics .. other nations and countries fighting for truths also ''we are fighting for truth and our rights'' very good , so special interests in other countries are abridging rights of other states.. multi cultural Europe , open borders , these so called progressive movements impinge on the intrinsic rights of citizens of nation states ..
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    Christians of all denominations recognise that Jerusalem is the Capital of ISRAEL.We will never accept to hand over Our Judeo Christian City to a bunch of Muslim TURKS claiming to be Palestinians Semites,when in fact are SELJUKS , because that is what they are.
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    What does this rat know about the truth?
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    Psalm 83. Can you hear us Mr God? He replies “I tell you, you don’t tell me. You’re not the boss of me. I can do anything I want. Hands up everyone that created the universe. Only me. I’m killin’ ‘em, ain’t I? Stop running me down!”