Netflix Cheer documentary series: Where are the Navarro college kids now? What are their Instagram handles?

Margaret Abrams

If you made your way through Netflix's new and instantly iconic docu-series Cheer in a weekend (or even in a day) it's more than likely you feel deeply for the characters - and want to check in on them to make sure they're doing okay.

The Navarro kids found fame overnight, with celebrities including Chrissy Teigen and JJ Watt tuning in to watch every binge-worthy episode.

Far from Bring It On, the stories are deeply emotional and the basket tosses are higher than Torrance Shipman ever would have dreamed of. ​

Missing your fix? Here's where you can keep up with the stars of the show IRL.

Jerry Harris

Jeremiah Harris was the breakout star of Cheer, immediately embraced for his positive attitude and his "mat talk," which is his stream of consciousness to motivate his teammates (frankly, I wish Jerry could mat talk me through my life).

Unsurprisingly, his Instagram presence is just as cheerful. After his mother (who did everything in her power to keep him in cheerleading) died, he was taken in by his "Cheer Mom" and her family, who started a GoFundMe to raise money for Jerry - and now, it's been reactivated and has raised more than $46,000.

Per Instagram, it looks like Jerry is back on the Navarro squad this season despite getting into the University of Louisville.

He'll be appearing with his teammates on The Ellen DeGeneres show this week.

Morgan Simianer

Morgan is originally from Wyoming, where she grew up living alone with her older brother in a trailer after her father abandoned them.

After her grandparents realized she was living alone when her brother left to try to find their mother, they took her in and she lived with them on a Texas farm.

She became incredibly close with her cheerleading coach Monica Aldama, who she calls a "second mom" on Instagram.

After helping her team win with her flying abilities as top girl, she's become a 'cheerfluencer' in her own right. Fans can spot her promoting Rebel Athletic clothing on Instagram and in person at meet and greets.

Despite talking about staying at Navarro for a third year even though it's a two year junior college, it looks like she graduated in May and could potentially be attending Texas Tech next year with her former teammates Austin Bayles and Mackenzie "Sherbs" Sherburn.

She's currently dating former Chicago Cubs player Brad Markey, who supports her on Twitter and Instagram.

She talked to Huff Post about her experience and said, "Obviously, at first, it was hard to open up and kind of scary to just share your story with the whole entire world...We didn’t even realize that there were that many people out there that were going through similar things and struggling in their lives..."

Gabi Butler

Gabi was already a cheerfluencer before the show even started. In 2013, she was featured in the Atlantic article The Private Lives of the Cheerlebrities of Instagram. During that time, she also appeared on the shows Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader and Cheerleaders.

Gabi grew up in Boca Raton, Florida, before moving to California to join the California All-Star Team.

She's currently dating football player Jordan Brooks-Wess who attends Florida Atlantic University, in her hometown of Boca. ​

On her 22nd birthday he wrote, "I really enjoy all the little moments we have together and I really can’t wait to see where our future goes."

She has more than 70,000 YouTube subscribers and posts cheer videos, including one that goes behind-the-scenes in Daytona which has amassed more than 100,000 views.

While she didn't return to Navarro, she's still making appearances with her former teammates. She's also holding her own cheer clinics at gyms across the country if you want to work on your tumbling skills.

She also has her own swimsuit line, Bikini Block, which makes an appearance on the show when her family tries to get her to promote it to her one million Instagram followers.

La’Darius Marshall

La’Darius grew up in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, where his three older brothers tried to "toughen him up" because they thought he was gay.

In the docu-series, he says his brothers made him feel like he wasn't part of the family. The show comes full circle when (spoiler alert) his older brother cries while watching him perform.

La’Darius instantly went viral for his sassy sideline moves. In high school, he switched from football to cheerleading after he would tumble post-touchdown.

It looks like La'Darius has since moved to Mississippi. In December on Instagram he wrote, "2020 will be full of blessings in Mississippi" and he recently posted a story at Jam Athletics, a cheerleading training center in Pearl, Mississippi.

Lexi Brumback

Lexi was known for her unforgettable tumbling skills. She had a troubled past and ran into issues again during college but has returned to the squad this year.

She's currently dating Dominic Green, a trans man who she calls her hubby on Instagram. On her birthday he posted, "hope you receive all that your heart desires" and she responded that she "already got you."

She was able to return to Navarro after the charges against her were dropped. "Monica is forgiving. Like, she does believe in second chances and really gave me hope to know I could be able to come back. I’m just really thankful that she does believe in second chances and didn’t let my decisions in the past define me, and let me prove myself to be my full potential," she told Huffington Post.