Netflix drops trailer for Money Heist Korean remake starring actors from Squid Game and Lost

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Netflix drops trailer for Money Heist Korean remake starring actors from Squid Game and Lost

Netflix has dropped the trailer for the Korean remake of its Spanish-language hit Money Heist.

Money Heist – or La Casa de Papel – premiered its fifth and final part in December last year. The crime drama, which followed an elaborate heist scheme orchestrated at the Royal Mint of Spain, went on to become an international sensation after its first series debuted in 2017.

On Friday (29 April), the streaming platform shared the trailer for a forthcoming Korean remake of the series, officially titled Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area.

The forthcoming 12-episode series (directed by Kim Hong-Sun) is led by a number of high-profile Korean actors including Yoo Ji-tae (Oldboy), Kim Yunjin (Shiri, Lost), Park Hae-soo (Squid Game, Prison Playbook), and Jeon Jong-seo (Burning).

Fans of last year’s Korean smash hit Squid Game will recognise Park for his role as the childhood friend of the main character Seong Gi-hun, played by Lee Jung-jae.

Meanwhile, Kim Yunjin will most likely be known to international viewers for Lost, in which she starred as Sun-Hwa Kwon.

The series takes place as North and South Korea are on the verge of a peaceful reunification following 80 years of division. As the nations begin to print a brand-new unified currency, a heist is organised by a genius strategist known as the Professor (Yoo Ji-tae), and carried out by a crew of expert thieves.

In the teaser clip, a voiceover is heard saying: “A robber who steals petty cash either gets killed after being chased or ends up in jail. But a robber who steals at a massive scale can change the world and even become a hero.”

Viewers also get a glimpse of the motley crew of robbers masked up in the same red boiler suits and masks worn by the cast of the original series.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area will premiere on 24 June.

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