Netflix drops unnamed producer over historical allegations of misconduct

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Netflix has dropped an unnamed producer from one of its titles after receiving an email containing anonymous allegations of misconduct.

The streaming giant said it was made aware of the historical allegations, which pre-date the current Netflix project, on Monday and acted shortly after.

It has now shared the information with the police and offered to assist them where possible.

The academy said it had also referred the matter to the police (Jonathan Brady/PA)

Bafta has also suspended the unnamed producer after being presented with what it described as “very serious detailed allegations”.

The academy said it had also referred the matter to the police.

A spokesman for Netflix said: “On Monday, we received an anonymous email containing historical allegations about a producer on one of our titles.

“Whilst the allegations are unrelated to his time on the show, we immediately removed him from the production and referred the matter to the police.”

A spokeswoman for Bafta said: “We have been presented with a number of very serious detailed allegations about an individual and while we are not their employer we immediately took the decision to suspend their membership.

“Bafta is an arts charity and does not have the power to investigate historic claims of abuse therefore we have referred the matter to the police.

“The behaviour that these accounts allege is abhorrent, in complete opposition to Bafta values and has no place in our industry.”

Trade magazine Broadcast first reported the story, saying the email contained “very serious” allegations from a number of individuals.

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