Netflix launches new interactive trivia game Triviaverse

Netflix and skill: Test out your general knowledge from your sofa  (Netflix)
Netflix and skill: Test out your general knowledge from your sofa (Netflix)

Netflix has released a new interactive experience called Triviaverse that sees players test out their general-knowledge skills against the clock.

Arriving just ahead of the Christmas holidays, the game throws out quick-fire questions you can answer using your remote as a timer ticks down. Questions encompass categories such as history, science, and pop culture, with the difficulty cranking up as you progress.

Best of all, you can play solo across three rounds versus the mysterious Triviamaster or head-to-head through two rounds with a friend as part of a turn-based format.

As you rack up higher scores, you’ll be awarded badges – and bragging rights – including Bird Brain, Preschool Graduate, Lucky Guesser, Shockingly Average, Mere Mortal, PhD Dropout, Super Nerd, Potential Genius, Certified Genius, and the omnipotent Triviaverse God.

The interactive experience is available globally now, in nine languages including English, Spanish (LatAm), Portuguese (Brazil), French, German, Spanish (Spain), Italian, Korean, and Japanese.

Triviaverse marks Netflix’s latest bid to keep users engaged through content beyond traditional shows and movies.

In 2018, the streamer released an interactive experience called Bandersnatch, based on its popular Black Mirror dystopian sci-fi series. More recently, it has ventured into mobile games, releasing more than 30 titles since late last year, including Oxenfree, Exploding Kittens, Asphalt Xtreme, and Stranger Things: 1984.