Netflix reveals at least 20 million users replayed that viral NSFW scene in Sex/Life at least once

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Netflix has revealed that 20 million users replayed the notorious NSFW scene in Sex/Life at least once.

The streaming platform disclosed the information today (27 September) as part of a wider announcement that the raunchy hit drama has been renewed for a second season.

Sex/Life – inspired by BB Easton’s 2016 book 44 Chapters About 4 Men – follows the life of Billie Connelly (Sarah Shahi) as she becomes increasingly restless in her marriage to her husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) and begins reminiscing about her former lover Brad Simon (Adam Demos).

Following its release in June, viewers took to social media to comment on the show’s use of full-frontal nudity and frequent graphic sex scenes.

It was one scene in particular, however, that attracted the most attention. In it, Brad (Demos) is seen taking a shower at the gym when he turns around and the camera lingers on his penis.

The moment became a huge talking point on social media with many users expressing their shock at the scene, with some questioning whether the actor was wearing a prosthetic.

On the video sharing platform TikTok, users are participating in a trend encouraging each other to watch the scene and share their reactions.

One user wrote: “The episode 3 minute 20 challenge of Netflix’s show Sex/Life got me good. Basically, if you haven’t seen the show go straight to episode 3, 20 minute mark. You’re welcome.”

Another added: “Just watched sex/life episode 3 minute 19:50 on netflix and wtf did I just saw.”

As well as revealing that at least 20 million people replayed the infamous scene, Netflix announced that season one of Sex/Life had been watched by 67 million households.

A release date for the show’s second season is yet to be confirmed.

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