Netflix’s 'Dark Crystal' series timeline revealed

Sam Ashurst

Brian Henson has been talking up his Dark Crystal Netflix series, Age Of Resistance, to Bleeding Cool, and he’s given new details on when the show will be set.

“OK, well, we’ve said it’s a prequel, and it’s not an immediate prequel, so it doesn’t end when the movie started. It takes place significantly earlier than when the movie took place.”

That makes sense to us – Henson and his Netflix colleagues must surely be hoping to make several series of the show if Age Of Resistance is a massive success, and if it finished with the movie, they’d be in narrative trouble.

And Henson is certainly happy with his working relationship with the streaming service.

“It’s been shooting since last November, it’s so cool that Netflix could get behind it in such a big way so that we can do it right.”

“I say we, but I’ve been doing Happytime Murders, so it’s really my sister’s [Lisa Henson] and Halle Stanford‘s project. They’ve really put together a great, great team in London.”

“I thought by the 80s, the idea of being able to walk into a stage and see an incredible fantasy world realised was just long gone because of CG and everything like that. But they’ve really done it right. It’s great.”

But don’t expect the series to show up in time for a binge this weekend, quality takes time.

“The workmanship is just stunning, the artistic quality is right there again, what I thought maybe was lost, it’s still there. They’ll be shooting for another few weeks, and then there will be a huge amount of post production.”

The original film was released in 1982 and told the story of Jen, an elf-like Gelfling on a quest to restore balance to his world by returning the lost shard of the powerful dark crystal of the title.

Famous for being the first live-action movie without a single human onscreen, The Dark Crystal‘s cast were all complex animatronic puppets – and the Netflix series will feature similar stars.

Age Of Resistance is expected to land in 2019.

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