Netting is spread over 100-year-old badger sett to drive them out of their homes

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This upsetting video shows a 100-year-old badger sett smothered by netting to stop the badgers returning to their home - so that HS2 railway workers can build on the land. The land marked out as part of the high-speed railway route has been home to badgers for almost a century - but now, they are being forced out, with no alternative sett to move to. With breeding season fast approaching for the badgers, and some already pregnant, the animals are facing being forced to trudge for miles, and potentially cross dangerous roads, to find uninhabited land to make a new home. And as if the forced eviction isn't distressing enough for the creatures, HS2 have set up startling machines around the netting which let off a bright light and a loud warning when people or other animals go near the net.