Network event to tackle systems that fail young people in York

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Maggie Oliver was a guest speaker at the event. Pictures: @scottakasphotography
Maggie Oliver was a guest speaker at the event. Pictures: @scottakasphotography

MORE than 30 organisations came together for a networking event in York to discuss tackling systems that fail young people in the city.

The Together with Young People Collective launch their first networking event in a bid the challenge the systems that disadvantage young people in York.

The collective consists of seven organisations including Door84, Inspired Youth, QueerArts UK, North Yorkshire Youth, York Travellers Trust, Changing Lives, York Cares, and the Institute of Development Studies.

In a call to action, over 30 organisations across the city of York attended the event on July 5 with a shared vision of challenging and changing the systems that time and time again fail the most vulnerable young people.

Guest speaker Maggie Oliver spoke about her experience as whistle blower exposing the poor handling of the Rochdale child sex abuse ring case. After resigning from Greater Manchester Police in late 2012, she went on to expose the infamous Rochdale Grooming scandal. Bringing the issues to public attention, she eventually created the Maggie Oliver Foundation where she supports victims of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation.

York Press:
York Press:

Lead organiser Heidi Haywood, of Door84, said: “Maggie Oliver and Kelly, a survivor and worker of the Maggie Oliver Foundation, were an absolute inspiration, what they've done and continue to do through the Maggie Oliver Foundation and the events that led to the creation of that is so empowering.

"It sprang into action conversations about challenging systems that affect decision-making for young people. We challenged 'What works and what doesn't and what can we do to change that'.

“We came together to look at personal and professional responsibilities, the change starts today with ourselves to stand up and be heard for the sake of young people.”

Meanwhile, Wayne Dawson, member of the Together with Young People’s Collective, said the event was "profound and hard hitting."

He said: "I don’t think I have ever seen a local grassroots event such as this one. Organisations mobilising together in this way is what is needed to create a movement that can bring with it the change that is needed."

This event is the first of many that will be taking place across the city of York. The Together with Young People’s Collective launch hopes to bring with it systems change that will elevate the voices of young people whilst supporting the most vulnerable who have been failed by our systems and institutions.

You can find out more about the Together with Young People’s Collective here: