'It never gets easier': Robert De Niro talks surprise new baby

Robert De Niro joked it "never gets easier" after becoming a father for the seventh time.

The 79-year-old actor - who already has adopted daughter Drena, 51, and sons Raphael, 46, and 27-year-old twins Julian and Aaron with ex-wife Diahnne Abbott, as well as Elliot, 24, and 11-year-old Helen with second former spouse Grace Hightower - recently caused a stir when he revealed he had welcomed another child into the world and he has insisted he is "good" with raising a baby again so much later in life.

Asked if he is excited about being a dad again, he told 'Extra': “I’m ok with it. I’m good with it."

And pressed on if it gets easier the seventh time around, he quipped: "Never gets easier".

The 'Meet the Parents' actor hadn't disclosed the mother of his seventh child but his 'About My Father' co-star has seemingly confirmed her to be the

screen legend's rumoured love interest Tiffany Chen.

She said: “God bless him, his significant other. Tiffany is such a beautiful woman. She came to the set once with her family and watched filming, and she was gorgeous and sweet. I'm happy for both of them.”

Fellow 'About My Father' actor Sebastian Maniscalco had no idea his co-star was becoming a dad again until the news was made public.

He said: “I was informed today that he had the baby. I didn't know leading up to this that he was going to have a baby, but yeah God bless him.

“He's a very soft-spoken individual loves to spend time with his family and I'm happy for him.”

The 'Godfather' actor let slip the news about his seventh child during an interview with ET Canada.

Reporter Brittnee Blair said: "I know you have six kids..."

Robert replied: "Seven, actually. I just had a baby."