Never-seen-before footage of Michael Jackson fraternizing with Robert Mugabe

This bizarre footage shows Michael Jackson fraternizing with depot Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace during a highly secretive trip to Zimbabwe in 1998.

The video, shot in the State House in Harare, was leaked to a member of the public by a former member of the Zimbabwean State Security, on request of anonymity.

Mugabe, who has been accused of genocide, greeted the King of Pop warmly as he stepped out of a red BMW with his security detail circling.

MJ then cordially kissed the hand of Mugabe's second wife Grace, before being led inside the compound.

The highly controversial meeting was organized in order for MJ to discuss ideas for the development of a hotel in Victoria Falls, one of the most scenic regions in the African country.

In the film Mugabe says: "They would want to see if Zimbabwe, and especially the Victoria Falls, qualifies for a hotel, they want to establish a whole chain of hotels across the world, I suppose it's a Michael Jackson chain.

"And they say they have uplifted Las Vegas and they want to see if they can uplift the Vic Falls as well. So they are going to look at that...they think we have a good chance. But they didn't make any firm promises.  

"We are very receptive, after all Michael Jackson is a favorite of all youngsters, my boy sings Michael Jackson, he wants to be like Michael Jackson. Every young boy wants to be like Michael Jackson.

"If that can bring us also his hotels and his capital here we would be grateful, extremely grateful for it."

After the unlikely rendezvous the Billie Jean singer stepped back into the BMW and struggled to close a wobbling window in the back of the car.

The source who leaked the footage said: "The video was taken on old tape and was never released to the media. Michael Jackson refused to speak with journalists during the trip and it was not publicized in advance.

"The hotel was never built, so the footage was never released." 

Mugabe wed his former secretary Grace Marufu, who was 41 years his junior, in 1996, following the death of his first wife, Sally, in 1992.

He was forced to resign in November of 2017 after 37 years in power. He died on September 6, 2019 at the age of 95.