New 'Bellevue' trailer: Anna Paquin's a detective with her own personal mystery to solve

Kimberly Potts
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Forget the sign that claims the small town of Bellevue is a place where the light always shines. There are some seriously dark events creating drama there, and Det. Annie Ryder is on both sides of them.

In this exclusive new promo for WGN America’s upcoming drama Bellevue, Oscar and Golden Globe winner Anna Paquin (who’s also an executive producer on the series) plays Ryder, who, in her professional life, is called upon to investigate the disappearance of a local high school hockey star, Jesse Sweetland. Jesse went missing shortly after rumors started spreading around town about his struggles with his gender identity, and clues are beginning to pile up that his disappearance might not have been voluntary.

As for Annie, a mystery tied to her dead father, who was also a local cop, pops up just as she’s investigating Jesse, and it threatens to open decades-old secrets involving her family, a local church, the police department, and several citizens who want the past to stay in the past.

Bellevue premieres Jan. 23 at 10 p.m. on WGN America.

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