New book reveals strange world of people who claim to have had sex with aliens

Rob Waugh
Artist David Huggins has produced many paintings based on his experiences (David Huggins)

There’s a surprisingly large number of people who claim to have had sex with aliens – from those who claim to have been forced, to willing participants.

A new book edited by maverick UFO researcher Timothy Green Beckley explores this world – and its surprisingly long history.

Since 1957, and the height of the ‘Flying Saucer’ era, people have claimed to have had sex with aliens.

Some claim to have fathered hybrid children: others claim to have been subjected to humiliating abuse.

Beckley says, ‘You will see that we have approached the sexual nature of UFOs, their alien occupants, and the reproduction process of the Ultra-terrestrials with an open mind.

David Huggins claims to have lost his virginity to an alien (David Huggins)

‘It’s easy to laugh and guffaw upon reading reports of anal probes and those who claim that they have fathered a rather large family of star children, or who have sex with reptilians just about every Saturday night.

‘We admit to a bit of chuckling from time to time ourselves, but this is potentially a very important aspect of UFO research that for the most part has been neglected because of what some see as its offensive nature.’

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations manual, who contributed a chapter to the book, Screwed by the Aliens, says that such encounters actually pre-date the UFO era, with previous encounters having been described as ‘demons.


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Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, says says, ‘The first case of sexual contact in our ‘flying saucer’ era was experienced by Antonio Villas Boas in South America.

‘Boas claimed in 1957 that he was dragged inside a flying saucer and forced to have sexual intercourse with a beautiful alien woman. When he left, she pointed at her stomach, at him and then at the sky, implying she would have his child somewhere in outer space.

‘In the 1980s alien abduction researchers in the USA accepted that women are routinely abducted, impregnated and then re-abducted a few weeks later for the extraction of the hybrid foetus. These activities explained the short-lived pregnancies experienced by female abductees. As for male abductees, they either claimed to have had intercourse with an alien woman or their sperm was extracted by mechanical means by the aliens.’

‘In his book ‘Communion’, Whitley Strieber famously described being abducted by aliens who inserted a 1ft (0.3m)-long anal probe inside him. It seemed to be a living entity, so when it was taken out he was surprised to see it was a mechanical device.’