New brainteaser alert: Can you see the plane hiding on the ocean bed?


Forget about pandas and pizzas – the latest puzzler you need to get your head round involves a plane.

Travelbag has come up with this quirky visual, which sees an aircraft lying on an ocean bed, surrounded by starfish and seaweed.

Can you spot the stricken plane on the cluttered ocean bed? The explosion of bright colours doesn’t make it easy.

And as for the tragedy of the scene… well, what online travel agent wouldn’t want to use an image of a probable plane crash at the heart of its fun brainteaser?

Found it yet? Look away now if you don’t want to see the answer.

It's easy when you know the answer (Travelbag)
It’s easy when you know the answer (Travelbag)

Another one doing the rounds at the moment involves a ballet dancer lost amid a flock of flamingos.

Can you spot the ballerina? (Dancewear Central)
Can you spot the ballerina? (Dancewear Central)

The elegant pink birds are the ideal backdrop for the ballerina, whose frilly dress is a perfect match for the birds’ eye-catching feathers, while her blonde bun is the double of their beaks.

This image had less of a life-or-death component, which is good as it was produced for family-friendly dance clobber company, Dancewear Central.

Can you see the dancer? Her hairdo’s that bit bigger than the birds’ beaks… Try looking bottom left…

Found her yet? These viral visuals are a test on the brain alright. Our eyes are after a rest before the next head-hurting images…

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