New Zealand is doing a nationwide Secret Santa where EVERYONE can get a present

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

As if New Zealand wasn’t spectacular enough, now the country has set up a nationwide Secret Santa initiative.

Rather than keep it in your group of friends, residents in the country can now buy gifts for complete strangers.

All Kiwis who want to take part in the Twitter Secret Santa Campaign have to do is sign up – and do a little bit of stalking.

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That’s right, participants will have to get their best sleuth hat on as they will be given a random Twitter user as the recipient of their gifts.

And to see what they might want, they will have to trawl through the Twitter users feed – although some people have handily wrote out their own lists, just in case.

Twitter themselves explained: “Players are randomly matched with another person on Twitter and must send them a small Christmas gift based on what their Tweets say about them.”

Once a gift has been chosen, they will be sent to a storehouse at Auckland Airport before they are sent out anonymously to the recipient.

Any gifts received after December 4 will be sent instead to children’s charity CanTeen – with the sender labelled a ‘Bad Santa’.

Around 2,000 people have signed up and are tweeting their excitement under the #nzsecretsanta hashtag.

Top pic: Pixabay