Christchurch mosque terror attacks: At least 49 shot dead in New Zealand massacre

David Harding
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    Oluwole Ilesanmi, a 64-year-old Christian street preacher also known as Preacher Olu, was arrested at Southgate Station in north London after complaints that his message about Jesus was "Islamophobic."
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    A former mayor of Christchurch was interviewed on BBC radio 4 this morning - he said amongst other things - that although Brenton Tarrant, is an Australian citizen he had been living in Christchurch for the last ten years. The media are giving readers the impression that this attack was committed by terrorist tourists - No it;s causes are very local.
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    On BBC 4 last night was a program about the Crusades, the battles between Christians and Muslims in 1097. Looks as though history is repeating itself exactly one thousand years after those Crusades.
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    A horrific and distressing act, no doubt about it. However... reading some of the existing posts, I'm glad I'm not alone in some of my feelings on the matter, both in terms of the way it's been reported, and the overall subject matter.
    Fair enough reporting criteria might vary slightly from country to country, but it is very interesting how nearly straight away the main 'suspect' was named and described and details about his accomplices also reported, and the word 'terrorism' used multiple times. If it is a Islamic-basic terror attack (sorry to bandy the phrase around casually, but they sadly quite common), then the 'suspect' is described in the vaguest terms possible, even when the authorities know exactly who the person(s) are, and words such as "terrorism" are played down too.
    The immediate condemnation is very interesting too - when it is is an Islamic-related attack, straight away we are called to be "tolerant" and (to crudely paraphrase) to remember that "they are not all like it". Then there's the inevitable reports of "being 'brainwashed' by extremism" after the way they've been treated, and/or mental health problems, and the underlying vibe that actually, it's out fault and we've bought it upon ourselves!

    Once again, don't get me wrong as it is a horrific attack, but it sadly once again does sum up the "one rule for them, one rule for us" approach "they" are treated with. Of course "they" are not all bad, but the Muslim situation (again excuse the crude terminology) now seems to be one that is greatly affecting not only the UK (which is right in the $h|thole because of our limp-wristed "gently gently" policy towards it) but much of the Western world. Very troubling and depressing times indeed, and one might hope that finally, the powers-that-be of each country actually acknowledge the severity of the subject and actually start to get much tougher and harsher on it. Certainly in the UK alone, there is feeling that we have been 'tolerant' and taken advantage of, for long enough now.
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    As a non religious person I condemn what has many other people of all religions will condemn this act of terrorism. That being said, when Islamic terrorism happens....and it does ! I never hear the Muslim faith or Muslim media or hardly even the main stream media condemn what happened.
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    Terrorism is terrorism. In this case though? It's odd how there's not been any calls for 'tolerance' and 'calm' from the media and authorities. Officials haven't waited the usually two or three days before clarifying this event as an act of terrorism, nor has there been any mention as to the mental history of the perpetrators.
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    Do you remember, a mere 20 years ago, when you could go for MONTHS without hearing about Islam? Now, it is in the news every DAY!
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    Such world attention, but why didn't the Christian cathedral bombed in the Philippines in January receive the same coverage :

    'A deadly bombing of a cathedral in the Philippines has brought fresh attention to the Islamic States ability to metastasize across the world, even as the militant group has been reduced to a sliver of turf in Syria.'

    The muslim not only killed over 20 worshippers but they also bombed the cathedral.

    Let us not forget.
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    The Watcher
    THIS is what tolerance brings. We have stood by for too long, lit too many candles, had too many midnight vigils, and still the Western Gov't won't protect us. I have a feeling this is just the beginning.
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    No need for a lengthy court case, the police have already figured everything out.