Newark Police Help Man Threatening to Jump Into River

Police officers in Newark, New Jersey, saved a man from jumping into the Passaic River on Monday, February 24, dramatic video shows.

The Newark Department of Public Safety released video of the incident, which occurred at Riverfront Park in Newark shortly before 9:45 pm.

In the footage, the man can be seen sitting on railings as he is approached by two police officers who begin to talk to him in an attempt to get him to climb to safety.

After a short conversation, the officers learn the man has daughters and pleads with him to live for their sake.

“Your daughters need you,” one of the officers told the man. “So if you do that, who are they gonna be with? You have your daughters to live for. You’ve got to remember that.”

Video shows additional officers arrive at the scene. They rush forward and grab the man when he makes a movement.

The man was taken to the University Hospital in Newark for further evaluation, police said. Credit: Newark Department of Public Safety via Storyful