Newborn rescued after being abandoned in bin outside shop in Cambodia

A newborn baby boy was rescued after being dumped in a bin outside a shop in Cambodia.

The infant, still with his umbilical cord attached, was found in the Khan Sen Sok district of, Phnom Penh, on November 18.

Passers-by called police at around 10pm and officers arrived at the scene within minutes.

They found the baby, believed to have been born earlier that day, wrapped in green and black jackets with a re-usable shopping bag as cradle.

It had then been left in a bin at the entrance of the grocery store.

Police checked CCTV and that a woman identified a woman on a white motorcycle who carried the black bag.

She dropped it in a bin at the entrance before riding away and being lost by cameras.

Officers are now trying to trace the woman, while the baby boy has been checked over and declared fit and healthy.

Police Colonel Sam Rean from the Khan Sen Sok district station said the boy would be placed in an orphanage if they could not find his family.

Pol. Col. Rean added: ''The motorcycle has a registration plate but it could have been bought informally or borrowed from a friend.

''If we can find the mother, we will aim to return the baby to the family. Or if she cannt care for him, the grandparents may raise the child.

''He is healthy and was not harmed in the incident. Nurses have checked the boy and he will be placed in an orphanage if the family are not found.''